Couldn’t sleep, so here are four short poems. Uh, enjoy if you can.

Anxiety, Insomnia and Sudden Realisation

Oh! how the haughty have fallen

once I mocked my father’s late night kitchen jaunts

now I am wracked by the same gnawing!


Desire without fulfilment

rest and fill elude me

rattling my sanity to dust.


Where there is smoke there is fire

And idiom is truth

And weeping and gnashing of teeth are real.

Frustration, With Pointless Wagging Of Fingers

Stupid, useless, futile and fruitless

Why should I be so?

Oppressed, condemned, beyond my control

Repressed down below.

If men will not learn

then they will learn it again

In fire and anguish and sorrow

By martyrs and the wrath that follows

By the drowse of once-glory in somnolent shadow.

Akrasia, A Languid Plea For Help


Do we lie

Or indeed prophesy

When we promise what’s not in our power to grant?


Does it soothe

The bastard wolf

Who asks for flesh wantonly?


Does not the gash in your chest

Long for a knife

To fill up with cold gliding edge?


Does what

When whom wherefore

Why, and how!


Does nothing

Propel you to action

Especially when spied from far off?


Do we hate

Those who dare better us

And those better than us?.


For my failings are many

And my graces few

Have pity, Lord

Teach me to be better, a man