In view of the threat of fake news, it is essential to regulate the press, to ensure they conform to decent standards of journalistic integrity.



Regulation of the press is incongruous with modern aspirations towards liberal values. By regulating the press, the government is restricting the freedom of expression and taking a step backwards from progressiveness



Absolute power of the press is prone to abuse, perhaps by regressive regimes to hide their crimes against humanity

EG al Jazeera skewing reports to show Palestinians as innocent victims against evil Israeli occupants, when in reality both sides have blood on their hands

North Korea suppressing reports to and from the outside world to maintain power at the expense of the people.



Assuming the purpose of regulation of press was to fight fake news, then it doesn’t even achieve its goal.

Far better to reinforce freedom of expression, to discourage self-censorship and encourage independent news sites, investigative reporting and citizen journalism,


empowering the common man to call out liars on their deception through rational and reasoned debate.


The good will of the common man and a guideline of ethics that we can use to hold journalists accountable to is enough to fight fake news,


as well as prevent concentration of influence in the hands of a few, who could easily distort the truth for their own ends.


Decentralising power will serve as a check and balance.