What has happened, happened. Some facts are indisputable, backed by archaeological, and anthropological evidence.


The past is not dead-> It is alive, changing.

Eg: South China Sea: China making dubious claims about their ownership of Diaoyu Islands and maritime borders. Everyone is making those claims. Whatever the past was it has been twisted and will be by the victor.

Japan’s history textbooks tell a different story than Chinese ones about the Nanking massarcre and rape.


The past is not past-> it is not itself. The philosophical paradox Ship of Theseus asks if you change something one part at a time, is it still the original?


(restoration buildings) is it still a part of history?


The past is not past-> it is still relevant

Race relations in America still a touchy issue. Especially in recent news the removal of Confederate statues. The consequences of a war 300 years ago reverberate far into the future to this day, and our descendants will feel it for generations. Those issues in the past were never resolved


The past is not dead, it is changing because of new data and evidence. E.g. Discovery of IDK