“Adam! Hand me that phone now and get in bed!” yelled Josie as she strode over from her lappy and plucked it out of his hands. She was behind on Game of Thrones and Adam was being very uncooperative.

Pocketing the phone, she handed him his sippy cup and tucked him into the cot. For some reason, he sucked a tad more greedily than usual. But at least he quietened and harried Josie was more than grateful for the momentary breather.

Josie flipped back to her show and raised her own cup in toast, sipping her Arabica—milk formula? Her eyes widened as she looked back to the bed, the little tyke flashing her a shit-eating grin.

Josie frantically Googled the effects of a double shot espresso on the body of a 13 month old as she chased the hyper active brat round the house……

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