The well-known shopping mall, Vivocity, holds a special place in my heart, having shared many fun-filled experiences with my family there. It is a place we often go to take a breather and escape the daily stress of life . Since Vivocity is only a stone’s throw from where I live, it is very convenient for us, and we regularly pop by to catch the latest blockbuster or do some casual window shopping.

In fact, window shopping happens to be one of my favourite pastimes. As a fashion aficionado, I am always mesmerised by the sensual looks of fashion models in the display pictures, confidently sporting the latest vogue.  Whether it’s denim jackets or basketball kicks, the vibrant colours of clothing and apparel stores never fails to catch my attention. The retail staff there know me as a frequent patron, and I love to chat with them about the latest fad, as well as trying on clothes.  Window shopping allows me to experiment with new styles, and if I really dig the new look, I can order it for cheap from e-commerce sites like Taobao, especially now that I know which size to get. The feeling I get when I saunter into a store and serendipitously discover a cute top or an adorable skirt, is pure bliss.

Other than clothing, my other love is eating. For us, Sushi Tei is a weekly affair. I will never get tired of eating delectable salmon sushi and hamachi sashimi. Sushi Tei also switches up the menu from time to time with savoury seasonal specials, which are superb and keeps us coming back for more. Just the thought of it has me salivating. We also celebrate our birthdays there. I am unashamed to declare that Japanese cuisine is the number one food in our hearts.

Aside from restaurants, there are many cafes in Vivocity too. I spend many weekends café hopping with Mom, curling up with warm coffee, cakes and a good book. However, having a sweet tooth, I am too fond of confectioneries and desserts. I am easily tempted to eat all manner of cakes and am in particular partial to strawberry cheesecake. When we do go to cafes, Mom limits my partaking of such sinful pleasures to no more than two slices a day. Should I pretend reach for another slice, Mom will promptly remind me that putting on weight limits my fashion choices. Truly, one cannot have one’s cake and eat it.

In a nutshell, Vivocity is a place of interest where I spent many happy moments, engaging in my favourite activities with family or with friends. Unfortunately, my schedule as a Secondary Four student is so fully packed with tuition and supplementary classes that I rarely have any spare time. I wish I could turn back the time and create more happy experiences at Vivocity like previously.

This essay was originally written for the question: Describe a place in your neighbourhood, or a place you have been, which holds a special place in your heart. Why is it important?