While our allies will always be an important pillar of our defense strategy, we cannot forever rely on them to supply armaments. We must have some innate capability to design and manufacture advanced technologies. Rocket technology is one of these. 

Rocket technology serves many purposes: 

  • It is a deterrent to would be aggressors
  • Also a medium of transport, ferrying cargo that are vital for our survival
  • Delivers payloads providing imagery, communications, positioning, measurements
  • Singapore prides itself on R&D. Lowering launch costs can accelerate R&D
  • For example, experiments in microgravity could spur the next great leap in biopharmaceutical and material science research
  • Venturing into space unites the country under a common hope and aspiration
  • It is important for diplomacy: a Space Agency and space missions will improve bilateral relations and enable more cooperation between other countries too.

Space technology is important for Singapore to pursue. We need data and insight from space, new environments to explore and experiment in to create value. There is a new space tech value chain developing and science community growing around it and we aim to be a part of it.

Other Asian nations have mature space programs and are developing space tech markets that feed into those programs. For Singapore to continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the region, we must nurture talent and create opportunities for investment in these new markets.