I’m finally getting an iPad. YES!

For the longest time, I’ve dreamed of a Wikipedia for my thoughts. Unlike real-life scratch paper, digital notes are indexable and searchable. Importantly, they are easily found and never lost, enabling communication with past and future versions of oneself. You can leave messages that evoke memories and remind you of what a past version of you had already worked out. I hope to store all my self-education in digital notes. I will write down everything I can remember.

The other transcendent ability of an iPad is assembling coherent thought. Whenever I write on scratch paper, I am constantly scratching out sentences and scribbling in the margins. With an iPad I can capture errant sentences and drag them about. Oh, it will be wonderful!

These are the 2 main functions which no other product can fulfil. They may be niche requirements but let me be honest: I am not an artist, musician, or architect. I am a jumbled, scatter-brained thinker, and these alone will greatly improve my quality of life.

I might finally get back into reading manga and comics online. I fell out of the habit because all my devices are landscape or too small (phone). I am eagerly waiting to bookmark Kissmanga on Safari.

I’ll also use it to read and annotate research papers. I’ve been an avid PDF reader ever since I was 17, but again portrait documents don’t lend themselves well to the dimensions of PCs and laptops. I am quite excited to thumb through and ink my documents without having to print them out and scan them in. I can even mark-up maps for holidays now!

Similarly, I’ll write homework with the iPad. No more testing out sentences and equations on random scraps of paper for me! I’ll write and erase as many times as I like, thank you very much!

Collapsible sheet music will be a thing of the past. I’ll try to get in some doodling. P*** on the big screen before I get my own place. The possibilities are infinite!

I ordered it over the weekend and it’s coming in 3 weeks, but I just can’t wait. Lord, please let it come speedily, even this week!