Well obviously I didn’t follow up on a daily diary entry. But I came to talk about guitar.

I borrowed Zhen Kit’s guitar, a Suzuki SST 1 electric guitar about 3 weeks ago and have been obsessed ever since. I started with country and traditional songs and I moved on over to R&B, Blues, Rock more this week. Still can’t strum, but I love learning new chord shapes. I picked up about 120 new songs this week. Hyperfocus is a thing.

I’m going with Timothy Lai to Peninsula plaza, hopefully to try out different guitars. I’m not sure whether I want an acoustic or an electric anymore, and I think I’m invested enough into playing what I’ve been listening to for years. I might just get both!

I feel like I’m learning a lot. Just tonight I saw a video on how to use the whammy bar. I’m gonna read up more on what to look out for when buying guitars in terms of preference.