This is going to be a quick one – I just had lunch with Joel and we had quite an eye opening conversation about me. My world view has changed fundamentally since 2020. I no longer desire to hustle, but to exit the rat race and live in obscurity. I just want a simple life with my hobbies. This probably stems from the change in friends that I had. I worked a lot on space projects with SEDS members like Benjamin, Timothy and Dylan, but all we ever did together was work, so I drifted towards Jolin, Darius and Sean. This transition also was marked by the swop from EPD to CSD, as I felt better at Python (relatively) than a lot of my friends and compared to other subjects like Math and Physics.

I don’t think I will fully regret the change but I’m a little worried that it will have the same fate as my space pursuits: overwhelmed by the barriers to game dev, I will pivot to another new horizon. While that’s great for a life philosophy, I do need to stick to something for “an iron ricebowl”. Maybe I can find a job I like in science or videogame communication, since I love analysing player experiences so much.