I’ve always wanted to pen my own story, but when I attempt it, I get caught up fleshing out cool fights scenes and in world building info-dumps. Its sucks. So, I’ve decided to write down some ideas for when the next project comes along.


Action with superpowers, in various settings:

  • Fantasy/ Medieval
  • Wild West
  • Sci Fi future
  • Contemporary

Types of superpowers (if I were to invent a plausible explanation for):

  • Teleportation w/ or w/o gates
  • Invisibility with meta-materials
  • I will never do time travel
  • AI might be too OP
  • I think weak AI should be a tool. There’s no point having a strong AI since that’s just a regular person with identity issues and hacking superpowers.

Light hearted comedy vs dark, noir

Reflection, philosophical?

No cringe allowed. Romance will be ignored in favour of plot. Language barriers are nonexistent.

Skulduggery, swashbuckling

Man over nature or Nature over Man?

I would like to do a story with a morally grey character. Perhaps he would live in a world with supernatural powers, yet he himself is powerless. The differential should not be emphasised too much to make it cringe-worthy.