it’s important to consider oneself a force of nature. you can do anything. you can beat all the smart and talented people with your smarts and your talents. whether or not that is true is irrelevant. you will make it true.

I know it sounds hypercompetitive, because it is. It’s very important to remember it isn’t a zero sum game. It’s about helping all people become better versions of themselves. And I suck at this.

I’ve been judging people wrong for a long time. I used to think people better than me didnt need my help. The problem with that is it’s elitist: you start sorting people into people above you and people beneath you. It is rude and demeaning to treat people differently.

I have no idea how to fix this except to keep catching myself doing it and calling myself out. But what I meant about self confidence is to keep in mind this: Despite all obstacles, you have as much a chance to succeed as anyone else.

I ain’t denying systemic racism and disadvantages. I’m saying you gotta give yourself a chance. It’s only fair to yourself and your psyche.